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Obama signs homebuyer, jobless bill assistance

November 10, 2009

Recently Bill Plattos, Executive VP First Team Real Estate, provided comment and insight on the homebuyer, jobless assistance program recently authorized by Congress and signed by President Obama.

“Here at First Team Real Estate, we agreed that the terms of the original credit program were positive from its inception, so naturally, we were eager to learn about the recent adjustments made to keep it in succession. The extension of the program and passing of the bill has been highly anticipated by our company since it offers buyers a ‘move up’ program to take advantage of and brings a completely new potential to home buying. That is why we are more than proud to announce our role in its passage. As the Chair of the Business Issues Committee, real estate brokers and I collaborated alongside other committees to strengthen NAR’s position, allowing its acceptance into Congress. Additionally, as a participant in the Broker Assisted ‘letter & phone call’ program, First Team is able to take credit for helping to generate over 500 letters and calls to California’s House Representatives to vote in favor of the legislation.”
Bill Plattos, Executive VP First Team Real Estate

Media Contact:
First Team Real Estate Public Relations, +1-714-557-0771

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