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February Employee of the Month

April 7, 2010

TREU/ First Team Training

February Employee of the Month

For over a dozen years and countless projects our February Employee of the Month has done exemplary work; with the greatest of ease.   Quiet in the workplace with no desire to be the center of attention, Lynn has been instrumental in keeping projects on track and insuring their implementation.   No assignment is too big or small for her to tackle because she knows that each completed action item brings us closer to our goals.  She truly illuminates the fact that every one of us can make a difference.

Her work with UVP was key in assuring the program’s progress.  Little known fact about Lynn– she is an incredible negotiator! While working with UVP she was responsible for securing training venues and was so good at getting the best locations at the best prices, hotel managers across Southern California feared calls from Lynn as they knew that they would be connected to The Negotiator and that they had no chance.
Lynn has been the driving force behind the TREU Webinars that premiered last summer and was the creator of the weekly radio show hosted by the winners of our First Team’s Original Top Host contest (also Lynn’s creation) which identified top producing agents that do webinars in an interview format with other top producers.  The TREU presentations and Top Host radio show have proven to be hugely successful and is another testimony to Lynn’s dedication to excellence.

We are excited to honor Lynn Tacinelli as our February Employee of the Month.  Thank you Lynn for all that you do.

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