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First Team® Real Estate Family of Companies Adopts Eight Families

December 16, 2010

Every holiday season the First Team® Family of Companies joins in supporting an Orange County, CA charity with donations from employees at their Costa Mesa, CA headquarters. This year, the Salvation Army’s Adopt-A-Family program gave First Team and its employees the perfect opportunity to be involved on a more personal level.

Social workers, working in tandem with the Salvation Army, nominated a multitude of “most-in-need” families, which they are in regular contact with. The departments, at First Team headquarters, took on several medium-sized families with two to four children. Each family supplied a list of things they need, which was passed along to the department who adopted them.

First Team employees and sales associates in all of our office locations enjoy giving back to their communities through food drives and charity events throughout the year.  The Adopt-A-Family program is a great way for our employees to help local families during the holidays especially during these difficult times.

“Items ranged from blankets, shoes, diapers and warm clothing to skateboards, a bicycle, and CD players,“ said Suzanne Brown, Technical Asset Manager at First Team Real Estate. “Winter jackets was a big one on everyone’s list, and we tried to get each of the children at least one new outfit.”

Cameron Merage, First Team Founder, President and CEO, gives his thanks to everyone at First Team Real Estate, Hallmark Escrow® Co.,Inc., Coast Cities Escrow®, Western Resources Title®, and Bankers Funding® who participated. Well-known for his own philanthropy throughout the year, Mr. Merage says he’s “proud and honored to work with such wonderful people, who really understand the community and how to support it through philanthropic donations, and why it’s so important to try and make positive changes in people’s lives.”

If you would also like to participate in the Salvation Army’s Adopt-A-Family program, you can call them at (714) 832-7100 or visit for more information.

Other worthy charities the First Team® Family of Companies have worked with include Orange County Rescue Mission and Olive Crest homes for abused children. They can be contacted at or

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