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First Team Co-Sponsors The Teen Project’s Donor Appreciation Event

November 17, 2011

Representatives of First Team® Real Estate joined The Teen Project, Inc. as it saluted its donors and volunteers at a gala at the beautiful Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado Canyon on Nov. 9.  The Teen Project Founder Lauri Burns thanked First Team and other corporate sponsors for their commitment to helping emancipated foster youth fulfill their dreams and achieve independence.

Burns founded The Teen Project in 2008 after learning that 65% of kids who leave foster care at age 18 have no home or family to return to.  Only three percent of emancipated youth go to college; they make up over one quarter of our nation’s homeless population.

Determined that no teen would ever be without a safe home or family, Burns, who grew up in the child dependency system herself and has raised 30 foster kids, established the non-profit group to give former foster kids in Orange County with no other forms of support the emotional, financial and career guidance they need to become independent.

First Team’s relationship with The Teen Project began that same year when Lora Rosenfeld-Steindler, an agent in the Mission Viejo branch office, helped Burns find and purchase the home that would house her mission.  Today, The Teen Project house provides a home and family for incredible, young women and forever changes their lives by providing food, medical services, career counseling, financial planning advice and scholarships and grants for college or trade school.

In an evening filled with emotion and inspiration, the most moving moments came when the girls shared their recent successes.  Among them, 22-year old Chelsea, a Teen Project house resident since 2008, thrilled the audience when she announced that she had graduated  from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, a school she had dreamed of since childhood but, with a broken home and no family support, never thought she could even apply.   Next to stand up was Ashley, whose new career in manufacturing elicited loud applause.

In its commitment to supporting the communities it serves, First Team feels a special affinity for The Teen Project.  We know that a home is the foundation from which its inhabitants draw strength to pursue their goals and dreams, and we see that process taking place within the walls of The Teen Project house.  First Team applauds The Teen Project and looks forward to its continued relationship with this important organization in our community. 

Watch The Teen Project “My Story” video at

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