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Support and Systems Key to Agents’ Success

May 7, 2012
Kyle Estrada

Manager of First Team Long Beach area offices, Kyle Estrada

“The key to increasing an agent’s productivity and enhancing their bottom line are our support and systems,” said Kyle Estrada, manager of the First Team Long Beach area offices. Kyle believes agents are wowed by the proprietary systems developed by First Team.

“Our lead generation systems are not available anywhere else,” he explains. “Other companies purchase a system by a third party and co-brand it. Our systems are developed specifically for our agents and the markets they serve, and they work exceptionally well.”

According to Kyle, agents hungry for growth and looking for an edge they can’t find elsewhere join First Team. He attributes the success of award-winning First Team marketing campaigns to the fact that they are consumer response driven, not budget driven. The renowned First Team tools and services take the sting out of an agent’s marketing budget and provide results they can take to the bank.

With a decade of sales experience behind him, Kyle believes coaching agents to help them achieve their goals is the highest priority for him as a manager of the First Team Belmont Shore, Kilroy and Naples offices. He believes that it’s important for agents to have balance in their lives, and he helps them set personal goals concerning health and family alongside their business goals.

“When agents are stressed about personal issues, it definitely affects their business,” he said.

First Team agents working out of the Long Beach offices enjoy the advantage of a unique diversity, geographically and statistically. Their locations allow them to easily pursue business opportunities in Los Angeles County and Orange County. Long Beach represents every market in California – commercial, low- to high-end residential, investment, multi-family, condos, estates and single family homes – so agents have the ability to grow their business into a variety of markets.

For a confidential career interview, contact Kyle Estrada at (562) 843-9259 or via email

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