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Business partner relationship creates success

August 22, 2012

Jennifer Berman tells the agents of the Anaheim Hills First Team office not to call her a manager; she prefers her role to be defined as ‘business partner’.  As such, she believes she can be truly invested in the success of an agent’s business.

Jennifer Berman

A noted technology trainer since 1997 and a real estate licensee for the past 16 years, Jennifer shares a wealth of well rounded experience with her agents. Known for her ‘Mastermind’ group – Jennifer personally selects no more than 10 agents at a time to participate in a six-week training and coaching series that includes a one-on-one follow up. She prides herself on being ‘in tune’ with her agents and she always wants what is best for them, from comfortable surroundings to top technology products and training.

The office is particularly known for its open culture of sharing and helping each other succeed.

“If you come from abundance and are willing to share and help others, and don’t want to be surrounded by cliques, then you’ll fit right in,” Jennifer said. She is proud to note that the agents do most of the talking at the weekly sales meetings as they share their challenges and successes.

A firm advocate of webinars, Jennifer makes training materials easily accessible to agents via agent web services (a proprietary agent marketing tool) so they don’t even need to leave the convenience of their own homes to participate and learn how to grow their business.

Nearly 100 agents call the Anaheim Hills office their home. They proudly embrace new technologies and along with their teamwork, online networking and social media, they create the perfect experience for their clients.

If you would like to be associated with the top independent real estate company in Southern California, contact Jennifer for a confidential interview at (714) 481-3091 or via email at

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  1. August 24, 2012 6:32 am

    So grateful for Jennifer!! She’s had such a tremendous influence on us since she joined our office. The culture in our office is rare and dynamic! You mention Jennifer Berman in conversation and it’s like, “Oh, she’s YOUR manager?!” YOU BET!!

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